YR1_KAL Russian 1

Moravian Business College Olomouc
summer 2015
Extent and Intensity
1/0/0. 0 credit(s). Type of Completion: z (credit).
Guaranteed by
Mgr. Jitka Lidaříková
Moravian Business College Olomouc
Course Enrolment Limitations
The course is offered to students of any study field.
Course objectives
The main aim of the subject is to gain basic knowledge about Russian language, its characteristics and basic differences between the two Slavic languages: Czech and Russian. Students will learn to read and write in Cyrillic, become familiar with Russian phonetics, grammar, and vocabulary needed for basic understanding (taking into consideration informal Russian phrases) and also become acquainted with Russian culture.

  • 1.Introduction
    - Phonetic and phonological features: similarities/differences Czech-Russian
    - The Cyrillic
    - Pronunciation: shifts in stresses
    2.Topic: meeting, welcoming, parting
    - Grammar: gender of nouns
    - Pronunciation: melody of the interrogative sentence
    3. Topic: Family
    - Conjunction "a"
    - Possessive pronouns
    - Asking the name
    Pronunciation: unstressed "e"
    4. Topic: School
    - Addressing somebody
    - Infinitive
    - Conjugation of verbs
    - Sixth case in connection with prepositions "o" and "na"
    Pronunciation: "zh", "sh", "scht"
    5. Topic: Parts of a day, days in a week, months in a year, seasons
    - Sixth case of female nouns with -e
    - Adjectives
    - Sixth case of singular adjectives
    - Adverbs
    6.Topic: A phone call
    - I. and II. conjugation of verbs
    - Imperative
    7.Topic: Hotels, accommodation
    - Conjugation of verbs ("hotet" and "moch")
    - Second case of personal nouns
    - Second case of nouns in neuter gender
    - Negative particle "ne"
    8. Topic: Orientation in a town/city
    - Conjugation of verbs ("idti" and "ehat'")
    - Numerals (1-10)
    - Addition/subtraction
    - Second case of female nouns with -ja, -ija, -soft sign.
    9. Topic: Flat
    - Past tense
    - Fourth case of singular nouns
    - Male nouns gender with -a/-ja
    - Conjugation of verbs ("kupit")
    10. Topic: Meetings
    - Numerals (11-100)
    - Case of nouns after numerals
    - Conjugation of verbs ("videt'")
    - Modal verbs (necessity, need)
    - Fourth case of singular adjectives
    11. Topic: Culture
    - Future tense
    - Fourth case of personal pronouns
    - Prepositions "v" and "na" in connection with the fourth case
    - Conjugation of verbs with endings -ovat'/-evat'
    - Conjugation of verbs ("posetit'")
    12. Topic: Travelling
    - Ordinal numbers
    - Hours
    - Conjugation of verbs (davat', stojat', zhdat')
    13.Topic: Moscow
    - Grammar
    - Plural form of nouns
    - Declination of personal pronouns
    - Demonstrative pronouns
    required literature
  • PAŘÍZKOVÁ, Š. Ruština pro začátečníky a samouky. Dolní Ředice: P&P, 2007. ISBN 80-903072-0-5. info
  • MISTROVÁ, V., OGANESJANOVÁ, D., TREGUBOVÁ, J. Cvičebnice ruské gramatiky. Praha: Polygot, 2004. ISBN 80-86195-29-5. info
  • KOZLOVA, T.V. Dogovorilis! Plzeň: Fraus, 2004. ISBN 80-7238-155-5. info
    recommended literature
  • CHIMIK, V.V. Praktičeskij sintaksis russkovo jazyka. Sankt-Peterburg: Zlatoust, 2001. ISBN 5-86547-205-4. info
  • POPOVA, T., JURKOV, E. Pogovorim. Sankt-Peterburg: Zlatoust, 2000. ISBN 5-86547-181-3. info
Language of instruction
Further comments (probably available only in Czech)
The course can also be completed outside the examination period.
Information on the extent and intensity of the course: Přednáška 1 HOD/SEM.
Teacher's information
Credit test: submitting a seminar paper in a given extent, successful passing of practical tests (min 66%)
Requirements for students with individual study plan:
The same as for other study forms
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