ARSMD_USPV Communication and Managerial Skills Development

Moravská vysoká škola Olomouc
léto 2014
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PhDr. Dana Bernardová, Ph.D. (cvičící)
PhDr. Dana Bernardová, Ph.D.
Moravská vysoká škola Olomouc
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Cíle předmětu
The aim of the course is to introduce to students the communication as a manager´s skill. After a successful completion of the course, they will be knowledgeable and with beginning skills in the basic manager´s communication techniques. This programme is specifically designed for students in preparation proces as next managers. It is aimed at increasing attendees' knowledge when communicating and developing their interpersonal and managerial skills. The course encourage attendees to use one to one communication techniques as a method of developing staff performance and motivation. Course develop tools, techniques and approaches that will enable attendees to influence others towards positive presentation ideas, whilst building good personal relationships. Course helps attendees become more information about them selves in giving and receiving feedback.
  • 1. Communication as a technique.
    Model of Communication, the giving out and receiving of clear information.
    How to handle barriers in clear communication.
    Interpersonal skills - verbal, vocal, visual communication.
    Developing positive working relationships (I'm OK - You're OK)
    Transactional analysis with improving international relationship.
    Persuasion techniques.
    Home preparation:
    Manager´s Communication competence overview - from managerial literature.

    2. One to one communication skills for managers.
    Telephone communication - design, skills.
    Exercise: Roleplay with audio record.
    Development of an assertive style, accurate face-to-face communication.
    Managerial Interview delivery skills (with customer, with deputy, with colleagues).
    Exercise: Roleplay with video record.
    Feedback as a managerial technique.
    Excercise: Giving feedback to colleague.
    Home preparation:
    Preparation content of 10 minutes presentation.

    3. Presentation skills as style of manager communication with the team.
    Clarify the purpose.
    Setting presentation objectives.
    Selecting ideas (mindmapping).
    Structuring the presentation.
    Using notes and visual aids.
    Stage management (environment, layout and equipment).
    Personal presentation (verbal, vocal and visual impact).
    Excercise: 10 minutes presentation. Giving feedback.
    Home preparation:
    Writing Self description - My communication skills and development plan.
    povinná literatura
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Informace učitele
1) Active approach during the course.
2) Roleplay with receiving of feedback during the course.
3) Giving feedback to colleague during the course.
4) 10 minutes Personal Presentation with feedback.
5) Personal Self Analysis overview.

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