Who is authorized to edit the basic term-related information at the faculty selected?

  1. Ing. Omar Ameir, Ph.D. (MVŠO), učo 5270
  2. Ing. Štefan Kolumber, Ph.D. (MVŠO), učo 5301
  3. PhDr. Jan Lavrinčík, DiS., Ph.D. (MVŠO), učo 5122
  4. PhDr. Ing. Mgr. Renáta Pavlíčková, MBA (MVŠO), učo 5037
  5. doc. Ing. Jindra Peterková, Ph.D. (MVŠO), učo 5342

The page shows the list of people with the katal_a right and w attribute for 7C10.